Onblasting Technologies focuses on providing the best waterjet stripping equipment with the best reliability and production rates globally and is the owner and official seller of ENVIROBOT®  technology. It represents a significant innovation in the surface preparation of ships and other structures.


It’s our primary mission to change the water jetting industry by developing new solutions and replacing all the existing polluting technologies by our clean and innovative systems.


The ENVIROBOT® was initially developed out of a partnership between NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the National Robotics Engineering Consortium (NREC) at Carnegie Mellon University. The association took advantage of NASA’s technology and lessons learned in developing robotics for space missions to create the first ENVIROBOT®, the M2000. Inspired by that background, Onblasting Technologies continues to invest a significant percentage of every yearly budget in research and development to implement further automation and production capacity, maintaining the quality of surface preparation already recognized globally.


Over the last years, Onblasting Technologies has made a significant investment in CNC machines for robot production and new prototype development. Simultaneously, CNC technology allows the company to achieve the best quality standard of all parts manufactured.


Before the introduction of the ENVIROBOT®, water-jet technology had not yet overcome its economic and performance deficiencies. Just as importantly, non-automated water-jetting required a heavy workforce utilizing thousands of person-hours for every project – compromising efficiency, quality control, and profits. The ENVIROBOT® addresses these dichotomies so effectively that it is now the standard against which all other coating removal methods are measured.


Due to the harmful effects of TBT and other biocides found in anti-foulant paints, there has been a worldwide push to keep poisons from entering the marine environment. The ENVIROBOT® solution is the only system in the world with a closed-loop operation that provides all hull treatment levels with total containment. The design completely captures all contaminants.